An appropriate and fully operational fire alarm system is your first line of defense to protect life and your property against fire. The cost both financially and to life in the event of a fire for a business is unimaginable. The need for an appropriate fire alarm system to be in place is required by law and you need to ensure that the system installed is fit for purpose.

We are able to design, install, commission, verify and certificate fire alarm systems and work throughout Southend and Essex. There are several different types of fire alarm system depending on your requirements. We also off a full fire alarm maintenance service to ensure your system is fully operational and compliant at all times and to pick up any problems before they occur. We also provide required periodic maintenance and checks for your fire alarm systems including monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and yearly testing and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Systems Southend, Essex

We design and install various systems including:

• Analogue addressable and conventional fire alarm systems
• Wireless fire alarm systems
• Aspirating smoke detection
• Voice alarm system
• Fixed extinguishing systems