If you are looking to effectively control and reduce electrical costs, turn to Phoenix Electrical Installations Ltd. Our team are experienced in designing, installing and servicing renewable energy saving systems.

We cover both domestic and commercial installations. These include solar PV, electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage, ground and air source heat pumps and LED lighting.

Phoenix Electrical are members of the MCS scheme and the RECC consumer code.


Keeping your energy costs as low as possible is very important both in your home and your business. We only install premium solar PV modules which include 25 year warranty on the product performance, reducing long term maintenance costs.

Whether you’re looking for a rooftop, ground mounted or carport solution, our solar specialists can design for your unique application.
We will custom design your system based on the physical characteristics and the electrical demand of your property.

Renewable Energy Essex


Battery storage allows you to store the electricity your solar PV generates. Having the ability to store some of the electricity generated by your solar PV panels is an excellent way to keep your electricity costs down and get the most out of your system. We have a number of battery solutions in order for you to achieve the greatest possible independence from energy suppliers.


We have installed Electric vehicle charging points in parking garages, housing estates and homes throughout Essex.  When working with us, we will assess your EV charging needs to provide you with the right solution.


Air source heat pumps work on the same principle as a refrigerator in reverse; they absorb heat from one place and release it at another.

The ambient air temperature in the UK, even in winter, is high enough that heat can be extracted from the air, compressed and used to heat air or water inside a building.

Air source heat pumps consume some electricity in their operation but compared to a traditional gas or electric heating solution this is minor as the outdoor air is a continuous renewable energy resource.


Although the cost of upgrading your lighting systems to LED can be prohibitive. However something as simple as changing the lighting in your building has the ability to save you as much as 50% on your energy bills. Because of this, our team can help you make the energy efficiency upgrades needed to make your premises more environmentally friendly.