It is required by law to keep escape routes clear from smoke in commercial and multi occupancy buildings such as flats, to allow occupants to escape and to aid access for the fire brigade.

Here at Phoenix Electrical we specialise in sourcing and installing smoke control and smoke vent systems which help to do exactly this. These are systems that will efficiently extract smoke from a building in the event that a fire should occur and are interlinked with your fire alarm panel. This is to ensure the protection of people, property and assets whilst making access to the building for fire fighters as safe as possible.

Smoke Vent Systems

We are able to source, electrically install, commission and test various types of system including:

  • Natural smoke control, automatic smoke vents and AOV systems
  • Single and multi zone Smoke control systems
  • Single and multi zone cold smoke control systems
  • Smoke shaft vents
  • Roof hatch actuators
  • Electric window actuators
  • Electric window openers
  • Electric chain actuators
  • Sliding sash window openers
  • Vent automation including temperature, thermostatic, natural ventilation control units and wind and rain sensors which will automatically cause an actuator to open or close