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An alternative to gas or oil, there are many electric heating options available to meet your heating needs.

Electric Combi Boiler

Electric System Boiler


Electric boilers work on the same principals as a gas boiler but running on electricity. They work with "wet system" radiators, so you are able to have any type of radiator fitted. There is even a choice of combination or tank systems, so there is an option to suit everyone, even if space is limited.  An electric boiler is a cost effective alternative to electric radiators, where there is no gas supply available. Electric boilers are also an ideal solution if there is no way of venting a traditional gas boiler, for example in a flat without a suitable exterior wall for the boiler flue. Electric boilers work with Nest thermostats. Phoenix Electrical Installations Ltd are registered Electric Heating Company installers.


Electric radiators have come a long way in recent years! As well as the more traditional storage heaters, there are also oil filled and even "smart" WiFi enabled electric radiators available. We can advise on the most efficient type of radiator depending on your needs and budget.


Phoenix Electrical install both electric and "wet" underfloor heating systems. We can advise of the best choice of underfloor heating depending on your heat requirements and type of boiler you have. We offer a full design and installation service, incuding the wiring of all controls, manifolds and thermostats.


Air source heat pumps work on the same principle as a refrigerator in reverse; they absorb heat from one place and release it at another.

The ambient air temperature in the UK, even in winter, is high enough that heat can be extracted from the air, compressed and used to heat air or water inside a building.

Air source heat pumps consume some electricity in their operation but compared to a traditional gas or electric heating solution this is minor as the outdoor air is a continuous renewable energy resource.


We are able to supply and install all types of heating controls for all types of heating systems, including gravity fed, combination boilers and even electric heating systems. We offer a range of options from tradtional hard wired, to newer wireless type controllers right through to the most up to date smart home Wifi enabled type. Phoenix Electrical installations Ltd are approved Nest Pro Installlers.